Monday, 7 March 2011

Reformed Orcon user

This is a New Zealand specific thing so not relevant to most.

I finally had had a guts full of our previous ISP Orcon and changed to Telecom several weeks ago.

Talk about night and day!  We can use youtube etc.  Even two of us at the same time!  This was unheard of on Orcon.  It took tens of minutes to load a 30 second clip. Downloads were regularly 2KB per second.  Whoever set up their shaping needs castrating.

Speed test shows not quite as dramatic results.  Download is up about 30 to 50 per cent depending on the day, and this is on ADSL 1 as I'm still using an old Cisco 1751 router. Ping is usually about half what it was.

To be fair Orcon quite quite good at 5AM.  We could watch youtube and download at hundreds of KB per second.So I'm guessing they just not good at the shaping and over subscribed.  A shame given they used to be one of the best 5 years ago.  Seems change of leadership a while back has led to more flash ('cuse the pun) and less substance.

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