Sunday, 13 January 2013

Alfa Romeo 155 handbrake not working

My other love apart from technology is cars.  Especially Italian and English ones and for the last decade or so especially Alfa Romeos...

They're a bit quirky but they feel nice, the sound nice, they look nice. They're just a nice place to be :-)

One thing I've run into a couple of times that I want to know so I remember it and other may save some time.

Alfa 155 handbrake: leave it high!

The handbrake if set to low will stop the rears auto adjusting and you'll lose rear braking  (and be all nosey when you brake hard) and the handbrake will be next to useless. Leave the hand brake about 45 degrees and you'll be fine.

Any one know where to find exhaust cam follows for a v6 155?  I'll pay handsomely for that info!

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