Friday, 31 July 2015

One man's Windows 10 experience

I was quite excited by this one.  I thought it's windows 9 (they should have left it at 9 not 10) it's the odd numbered one.  It will be good.  It will fix the annoying windows 8.

Got that hugely wrong I did.

I usually live in Linux and boot into a windows 8.1 partition to play some games and the odd app that i can't replace in linux. So I started into windows on the 29th to see if win 10 was available as I reserved a copy.

No sign of it on the 29th, nor the 30th (we're a bit ahead so it's not uncommon for stuff to be a day late for us) so I did a search and found sometimes you have to clear the download folder to get it to download again and run a  cmd command.  Windows update popped up and it said windows 10 is downloading.  Cool.  About 3GB later it said it was ready to reboot so off it went.  First fail.  Waited a while but restart never happened.  I guess that technically is an 8.1 fail but windows 10 was behind it I'm sure :-) After hitting the reset button I was back to 8.1 and no update offer.  Back to the web site, clear the folder run the command again.  We're away.  It'll work this time. yeah, nah.  Not quite.

After 6 tries at this it seemed to work so I started it and went to work.  Weirdly the download got bigger each time by the last time it was 8.3GB.

At least we're under way.  Got home from work and it had installed and was waiting to be set up. So the first question was default of custom settings.  OK custom settings is my usual choice.

Boy that was a good choice.  Every option defaulted to on and every option was we'll send your typing and gestures to microsoft to improve things, we'll send your web history to microsoft to improve your searches, we'll send you typing in search fields to microsoft to improve things.  What a load of bullshit. microsoft want all your data and are just going to T&C to take it.  Wake up people.  Time to switch OSes. If you want any sort of privacy you're in the wrong place. Send your typing to microsoft?  WTF?

It's gets better.  Once all the invasion of privacy questioned were answered win 10 finished it's setup but complained about internet.  OK sometimes it takes a while to connect. So I logged in and there were no network adapters. WTF again? There were three before. So device manager has the devices and says they're OK.  I uninstalled and reinstalled the Wifi card.  Still no adapter.  They're crazy wacky adapters like Intel 7260 Wifi, realtek 8139 and Nvida onboard ethernet.

So I'm back in Linux searching for answers to make my useless windows 10 partition somewhat usable again.

In summary windows 10?  Just say no people. If enough people stick with windows 7 they'll have to keep supporting it. I wish I'd never left it behind.

Update for the no network adapters issue.  I saw a post from a ms tech (sorry I can't find it again to credit him) and if you've had the Cisco VPN client installed on 8.1 and upgrade this will happen.  That won't be many people..

The fix is open a cmd window as administrator

type the commands

netcfg -s n

look for DNI_DNE

if that's there then do

reg delete HKCR\CLSID{988248f3-a1ad-49bf-9170-676cbbc36ba3} /va /f
netcfg -v -u dni_dne

Update 2 full details at

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