Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Linux Wake on LAN with Realtek RTL8111F

So I splashed out and bought a new motherboard, CPU and RAM after finding my motherboard BIOS was last updated in 2010 and upgrading the RAM was going to cost more than a new combo.

Quite a difference.  I can compile Firefox, LibreOffice, Webkit etc in about 20 to 25 per cent of the time it used to take.

I've converted everything from old MBR to GPT and booting with UEFI boot files which is quite cool.

One thing I couldn't get going was wakeonlan.

I set wakeonlan to magic packet (g in ethtool) but it would not wake up. I'm using kernel 4.6.2 so that's the most recent stable for Gentoo.

After some searching I found another network problem with the RTL8111F that they fixed by using a driver from Realtek's web site.

So I went to this page


and downloaded the driver for 3.X kernels.  I build kernels in the monolithic style so, disabled the RTL8168 driver (I think the kernel calls it that or rtl8169) and rebooted.  The download from ReakTek has a script that  unloads the rtl8168 module and compiles the new one and loads it.

Low and behold, after that WoL started working.  So maybe the kernel driver for the Realtek cards needs some love.

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