Monday, 14 July 2008

Stuff that pisses me off

Start with a big one I figure. it would be vodafone. They cock up everything they touch it seems here in New Zealand. My phone doesn't make outbound calls due to me not paying a bill but wait I paid that last week... Our ISP at home used to be great until it go bought by vodafone and now is arrogant and awful to deal with and have crap plans.

LJ Hooker...well real estate agents in general. Lips are moving ergo they're lying.

The biggest one the people that run our country. Too big a topic to cover really. We're governed by the most PC, feminazi, anti man, anti family, anti business.. I could do this all night.

We have a nice country. Fun to live in. Not bad people. However if you try and get ahead you will be dragged back into the lump of the masses. If you are a looser you will be sucked back in and given anything you need. We live in a nation of little of no consequences for your actions. Hell, if you're under 16 you can get away with almost anything but murder and you get a family conference which is unenforceable.

There is no incentive to better your self. State health care means no incentive to keep healthy. State ACC (cross between health and life insurance) so make up an injury and the state pays for your care. Families are better off in many ways separating. Our biggest destroyer of families is a thing called the domestic purposes benefit. You can leave you partner and take the children and you get paid better than a job. Get your partner in on it (you don't have to name the parents of your children) and you're made. The family court system is amazingly one sided and blind to the real world. No.. people don't make up domestic violence accusations as an opening attack...never.

I feel a bit better now. vodafone can still kiss my big pink baboon ass though. smacktards...

I want to live in Australia. Their government seems to have balls to do what is right rather than PC. They have tax rates we can only dream of and people get paid sensible amounts.

They still have vodafone but I can avoid them over there...

On a positive note. The children love me... that makes it worthwhile..

Oh..and Alan Parsons has released remastered albums...mmmm.. Alan Parsons..

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