Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Where has Cisco gone wrong?

Following up on the stuff that pisses me off post comes this..

I recently contacted Ingram Micro, the New Zealand distributor for Cisco, to get a not for resale VoIP phone system to play with and get some hands on experience with.

After two weeks I have given up.  The Ingram staff and the Cisco account manager are useless.  They've either ignored my emails or palmed me off.  

Cisco used to be good stuff.  You paid a premium but got good product and great support.  These days it seems they still make reasonable product but the support has gone downhill.

I also have a TAC case open for what seems like a simple IOS software change which has been open for weeks.  I've run into problems with IOS erasing flash, firewall inspection problems with SMTP, FTP.  It's just all gone wrong.

Ah well looks like I'm back onto Asterisk to get my VoIP hands on. What's happening in the world?

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Ken said...

Everyone in the industry is going to a "pay for everything" model.

Cisco support has gotten much worse over the past few years. Also, their product offerings are late to the table any way you look at it. They were late to the game on PoE switches. then they only made them in 24-port versions unless you got a 3560 or 3750. Now you can finally get a 2960 48-port PoE but not in Gig.

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