Saturday, 15 November 2008

New Zealand Election 2008

Well it's over and we look to be the better for it.

Gone are the socialist (bordering on communist) Labour people.  Helen "I don't really have a family but I'll tell you how to run yours" Clark and more importantly Michael "I'm so smug and you depend on me for everything and I know it" Cullen.  Their arrogance, social engineering, policies of excess and demotivation hopefully will be replaced by something more positive.  They both resigned on the night and good riddance to them.  People keep saying how wonderful Helen was.  I say crap.  She was a professional politician. You need to do more before entering parliament.  You need some real world behind you.

So we have centre government still but one that may do some good. ACT from the right and Maori somewhat from the left seem to share a few views.  Stop beneficiary dependency seems to be a big one.  For different reasons both sides want this fixed.  Labour managed to make the middle class in NZ beneficiaries with their working for families program. Let me explain how this works:  you pay tax and then you request some back depending on how many children you have and the bureaucracy takes a cut.  How about not encouraging people to have too many children and giving a tax cut instead? Easy to work out, easier to manage and better for the environment... I have little time for green propaganda and the simplest way to keep the planet under control is to have less demands on it.

If both sides want to work on the benefit dependancy trap then we should get some progress.  Here about three quarters of crime is associated with beneficiaries. Simplistic I know but even cut that in half the police can get on to the real work. There's another huge failing of the PC.  Anyone can become a policeperson (sic) so you have lots of arrogant young people with a uniform.  Great.  Bring back the tough entry conditions.  Bring back the respected policeman that nipped petty crime before it got to more. Ahh nostalgia. Anyway get people motivated, get them doing something with their lives and contributing and busy.

One last point:  ACT don't turn into the thing your campaigned against.  Rodney Hide has already pissed off a lot of people playing the power trip card.  Pull your head in and get on with it. Winston Hide is a bad label.

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