Thursday, 8 January 2009

Bring it Cisco

Well..New Zealand is small.  I mean small small...

Cisco have new integrated service routers (88X and 86X to expand on the 87X and 85X range I guess) that do anti virus, etc etc designed for the small office SOH market by US/World standards.  That sums up about 90% of our clients.

Bring the new toys on here!  I can't wait to try new toys from Cisco that are the all in one type thing.  They supposedly block viruses, bad content, malware etc so release it first here and we'll test it.  

It would be good to have Snort integration to block bot traffic plus any other nasties. So let's hope the Cisco open source relationship can get to that stage....

So one device that plugs into the phone line and the LAN and is a firewall and does level 3 checks on content for virus, bot etc traffic.  Doing the firewall from the outside thing is easy but monitoring outbound traffic for telltale signatures or problems would be great.

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