Friday, 6 February 2009

Scam Websites

I found a charge on my credit card a while back


Weird. Stands out given I only do transactions in US dollars every two or three months.

After some googling, it seems I am not alone with these charges.

Seems a couple of years ago I signed up to a website and paid to get in touch with an old friend. I thought it was a one off charge to give me access for a year but they keep charging you each year. Best part is try to get in touch with them to get them to stop and email is really my only option and they don't reply to those if you query why you are being charged. Others report exactly the same problem.

So these tossers just quietly pull $12 a year from thousands and thousands of people. If you're in the States another charge in US$ would just blend in. They must make a killing...

They seem to be associated with as well so think twice before giving any details to these sites.


I.J.SWAMY said...

I am also a victim of this scam . They charged me $US18 just for nothing.I never used that service

Leslie said...

I have been charged at least 3 times over the years. This month is the 3rd time - having caught the transaction in time, I will be pursuing further.

I too noticed that the charge was supposed to be once off! I am sure it was not a subscription.

Interestingly, after I noticed the charge for the second time, I removed my details from their database...... obviously that was not enough. My email requests were not answered.

Look up namesdatabase in Wikipedia - they provide some interesting background info on the company, how to deregister etc.

All the best!

This is a hectic scam...... imagine how much money they are getting away with globally!!!

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