Saturday, 14 November 2009

Office Mac 2008 service pack 1 install (SP1)

Microsoft are out to frustrate me again.

I'm building a machine for a customer and while trying to install Office 2008 I keep running into this problem.

The initial install goes OK which is version 12.0. Upgrading to SP1 installs about 8 or 12 K and says it's done but none of the apps are updated. I done the remove office and that doesn't clean out the /Library/Receipts folder of the 12.1 install so I pulled those out as well and started from scratch. Still no joy SP1 refuses to install. Any one else come across this? The machine is already up to 10.5.8 to maybe that is too high for SP1.

I've sent office back and we're using OpenOffice for the moment. It's a standby machine and only gets used occasionally but it would be nice to get it sorted. Or maybe I'm missing the jab by karma to move to OpenOffice :-)

5 minutes later...

Typical you always notice something after posting. Clear out the /private/tmp folder of anything to do with the SP1 update and it works. There was Office2008_en_quit_12.1.0.combo.pkg.somehash and in mine.

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